Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: AWWD is an organization committed to responding to the needs of women in our culturally-restricted community. We promote the empowerment and safety of women, through high quality counseling, rights equality, education, Legal support and resources. We work toward community connectedness and a violence free society.

AWWD is working hard to bring Afghan women in full participation in the society, promote their educational and social status around the country. Encourage them to advance their knowledge and education level by getting admission into the universities, make all effort for their equal participation in the employment. We call on women to develop their capacities and sharing all responsibilities with other people in the decision making process in government administrative institutions. We have always extended our full support for women and made all initiative to help them in any part of the country. We provide them advocacy and promote and protect their human rights, raised our voice for gender equality in walk of life.

We try our best to contribute for their protection and ensure that their legal rights, human rights, social status and equal participation in social and political activities are protected. We work hard to make sure that the environment is safe and secure for women to take part in social activities. We emphasize on the central and local government to pay attention for the protection of women and provide safe environment, so they could enjoy all their rights, in term of higher education, safe movement and asked the authority to take firm action against violence against women and bring the criminal into justice. If the environment and community are not safe for women to go to school, universities, work place, parks and markets they could not get the chance to promote or enhance their capacity and abilities. The government has the responsibilities to ensure that women in Afghanistan should be treated equally and receive all privilege as other citizens.


Vision: To help Afghan women find their place in the society and empower the status of Afghan women, within the family & community through providing professional training such as Kankor preparation free coaching classes, educational, social, legal program, literacy course, Legal Aid Clinics, English and Computer courses & conducting workshop to strengthen women position and their role in the family, communities and all walks of life.
Goal: To elevate/promote educational, gender equality, social status of Afghan women and increase opportunities for women empowerment in the family, communities and all walks of life.


About Us

The Afghan Women Welfare Department (AWWD), a non-affiliated and nonprofit making Afghan woman NGO, was established in July 1989. The purpose was to deal with the great women-related emergency needs, which existed in providing services to the Afghan refugee women in NWFP. During the past years of war in Afghanistan, the Afghan women have been deprived of all their human and national rights including right to education and health care. Read more...